Letter to Kohl, Seligs

Dear Senator Kohl, Commissioner and Mrs. Selig:

Enclosed in this packet are invitations from two accomplished children who live in the Sherman Park neighborhood. They are inviting you to visit the Sherman Theater. As Executive Director of the Burleigh Street Community Development Corporation and as a Sherman Park resident, I want to extend my personal invitation as well. I’m sure the Sherman Theater and its environs hold special memories for you. It was a wonderful place to grow up when you were young, and we want it to be that same kind of place for children and families living there today. We welcome the opportunity to share our hopes and dreams for the theater with you.

Over the past decade, neighborhood organizations have banded together in attempts to reacquire ownership of the theater. We want it to come alive! At this juncture, we believe we have a group of talented individuals to help bring our dreams to fruition Our stakeholder list includes prominent bankers, architects, community development experts, city planners, and creative arts professionals, performers, and supporters. Continue reading