Artist Bobby Drake Interested In Collaboration With Sherman Theatre

Bobby Drake is a spoken word artist and a musician. He is also interested in utilizing the Sherman Theatre, when it is revitalized, for its studio and performance spaces.

As one of the artists surveyed by the Sherman Theatre team, Bobby Drake says he is enthusiastic about the idea of a new center for the arts in the Sherman Park neighborhood. “I envision it as something that could be interactive and engaging for the people who use the space, not just the artists,” Drake says. “The energy of the project could bring people together who have differing cultural hobbies and interests.”

When asked why he would be interested in using such a space, Bobby Drake mentioned that he likes to “practice where he preforms.” Besides having the studio space to work in, he also seeks a “secure place to store equipment,” something that the Theatre space could certainly provide.

Bobby Drake has many ideas of how to make the Sherman Theatre an exciting place to be. For his part, Drake is interested in “showing films, hosting monthly performances, utilizing state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, and livestreaming events for those who can’t be there in person.

As the effort to revitalize the Sherman Theatre continues, the idea of collaboration with artists such as Bobby Drake is inspiring. We are enthusiastic about bringing artists to the neighborhood and providing them with a great place to do what they do best: create and entertain.

Get involved to make our dream of a new Sherman Theatre a reality.


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